Nitrogen Fills

Have you seen our billboard and wondered how filling your tyres with nitrogen can help you save petrol? Here’s how it works… Nitrogen gives you stable tyre pressure (i.e. it doesn’t leak out the sidewall of the tyre the same as normal compressed air does), and gives you a smoother ride on the road. Because it’s easier to get the car rolling, it means you don’t use as much fuel. Brilliant! There’s other benefits as well, like improved road grip, increased tyre life, and less corrosion on your rims.

  • Stable tyre pressure.
  • Improved road grip.
  • Safer all-weather performance.
  • Increased fuel economy.
  • No internal oxidisation through the elimination of moisture.
  • Increased tyre life.

If you’d like to try the better performance and fuel economy of nitrogen filled tyres, call in to see us.

$6 per car tyre
$12 per 4WD tyre