Wheel Alignment & Balancing

Wheels go out of alignment for all sorts of reasons. Could be new tyres, components in the suspension, or just because you've clipped the kerb or you hit a pot hole in the road. How it happened doesn't matter, thing is getting it fixed. Our latest wheel alignment equipment can accurately set up all four wheels to point in the same direction so your car drives smoothly and safely again. It doesn't cost that much, and an alignment can easily pay for itself in better, long-term tyre wear. Plus, there's no price you can put on safety.

When it feels like your car has got the shakes or there is vibration through the steering at certain speeds the culprit is bound to be one or more unbalanced wheels.

Think of a spinning disk that maybe has a bit more weight in one area – it wobbles when it spins. Same thing happens to a tyre. And when it wobbles it isn’t in contact with the road all the time and that’s dangerous. It also causes accelerated tread wear – not to mention the long term effect on your car.

Check out Simmo's tyre tips for more information about wheel alignment and balancing.

Wheel alignment: $79 for cars, $89 for 4WD

Wheel Balancing: $15 per wheel